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4 Places to Explore With North India Tour Packages

4 Places to Explore With North India Tour Packages

4 Places to Explore With North India Tour Packages
Wed Dec 12, 2018

Lush valleys, hilly terrains, silver snow, gushing waters and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes; no! this is not a description of Switzerland or Scotland, but India, precisely the northern part. It leaves travellers in awe every time they explore this country with North India tour packages. People can find true replenishment of mind, body and soul in its enchanting valleys and tranquil mountains. Imagine being greeted by a refreshing gust of breeze while looking at a bright sunrays playing hide and seek with the peaks of the marvellous range of Himalayas or the Aravallis. To experience this, travellers can book North India tour packages offered by various travel portals. Here, among so many beautiful locations, are some of the must-visit destinations that should not be missed by globetrotters.

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Azure water in the middle of gold dusted mountains, excited? Then make sure to pack enough woollens before heading towards the mesmerising Pangong Lake in Ladakh. As sunny as it seems during the day time, it can get particularly chilly as the temperature drops along with the setting sun. To add to the surreal setting, one can see cotton candy clouds that float right above the rugged mountains. In winters and you can walk over the river, quite literally, as the river freezes into a crystal white sheet.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Varanasi or Benaras is the holy city of India, particularly for followers of Hinduism and Jainism. It is believed that one can find salvation after leaving for their heavenly abode in Varanasi. Those, who are not looking for salvation, can find calm here in the midst of Banarasi chaos is something that stays for a long time. This colourful, intense and rustic old city is a city of extremes with serene Ganga Ghat, divine temples, chaotic crowded lanes and deliciously aromatic fritters at the local deli. With such versatility, travellers get the best of it at every nook and cranny.

Wagah Border, Punjab

Do patriotic movies inspire the patriot in you? Then visit the Wagah Border at least once in your life. It is located on the boundary of Wagah village on Grand Trunk Road that starts from Kabul and travels via Lahore, Pakistan to Amritsar, India and runs all the way to Chittagong, West Bengal. This border is a separation line drawn between India and Pakistan, marked during the partition in 1947. While standing near the barbed wires of the border and just a few metres from the neighbouring country, one can feel an immense yet inexplicable sense of love for the motherland. Do not miss attending the Wagah Border Ceremony that is included in almost all the India tour packages. It takes place every evening before sunset and witness the discipline and coordination exhibited by army personals, both within the border and across it.

Delhi, India

Where can one get north-eastern and south Indian delicacies in a Punjabi Market alongside Rajasthani dresses that are being sold by a Sindhi shop owner and the customer is a visitor from UP? None other than the capital city, Delhi. If India is a land of many cultures, then Delhi is its prototype. Here, history and novelty run hand in hand, with state-of-the-art construction that stands proudly facing renovated historical monuments. Running between them are roads that are paved to perfection and some of them leading to busy, cracked by-lanes of Old Delhi.

India is a manifestation of a dream of an artist, perception of a visionary, and vision of an entrepreneur, and North India tour packages give a glimpse of all these.


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